Friday, December 31, 2010

Wi-fi and other revelations

I have been busy as a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest.
Just completed
a major move and moving is always been an
ordeal for me because I always try to
drag fifty-four years of my
life with me. In fact, for eight years I lived in an
undesirable sit-
uation (two break-ins in the last three years; horrible landlord;
worse neighbors) because I absolutely abhor moving.

This time I did a major purge, throwing away stuff I had been
toting around for
thirty years. Still, there were hundreds of books
to move and scores of boxes
to lug them in.

I threw away hundreds of video tapes. Turns out my late brother
and I were
delusional, self-appointed archivists: we recorded
every episode of The Cosby
Show and A Different World and
every movie we loved because we could not foresee
a world where
Netflix would put anything we could possibly want to see at our
fingertips with a wi-fi connection.

I had boxes of old Jet magazines - all of which are available on-
line in their

Ditto for boxes of skin slick magazines collected during my sane
and sober youth
- all content available on-line for a monthly fee
(although, there's nothing
like the real thing, baby).

I did tote my hundreds of vinyl records and my thousands of CDs.
I did not tote
my hundreds of cassette tapes and scores of 8-tracks
(although I did preserve a

It was a blast rediscovering books, magazines and photographs
that I had forgot
I had (even though trips down memory lane
slowed down the moving process quite a
bit - it took me three
weeks to move a three-story townhouse - if I ever ask you
to help
me move - RUN!)

Lastly, I have been without a home wi-fi connection from
November 17th until
yesterday (worse than Chinese water torture).