Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Faces of Te-Boe

The NFL Network is running a documentary on the phenomenon
of Tim Tebow called "The Faces of Tebow."  As a die-hard pro-

fessional football fan and a card-carrying Dr. Who devotee (since
Tom Baker), I am fascinated by the nexus where 
two lumps of

granite: Tim Tebow and the Face of Boe can come together in a
populist punchline. I love the 
linguistic gymnastics involved in
"The Faces of Tebow"; I wonder at the mind of 
the football loving
sci-fi geek whose brain connected the disparate dots to make

such a psychic connection; and I wonder how many die-hard
Tebow fans could (or 
would) make the extrapolation to the
iconic "wanderer without a home"...and vice