Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bite Me

Has Toby Whithouse, head writer and chief cook and
bottle washer of Being Human, added to werewolf/
vampire lore?  I was struck by two seemingly new twists:
1) werewolf blood is like a stake through the heart for 
vampires (geez louise, wouldn't this knowledge have been 
valuable to poor, sad-sack George - Russell Tovey - two, 
three seasons ago?  I mean, vampires were practically taping 
"kick me" signs to his back when they weren't kicking 
sand in his face) and (2) vampirism is like drug or sex 
addiction - you can beat it if you have enough will power 
and try really, really hard.

New vampire-in-residence, Hal (Damien Molony), isn't 
feeding on humans but unlike, say Edward, from Twilight, 
who feeds on small, furry forest creatures or Vampire Bill, 
from True Blood, who quenches his thirst with synthetic 
human brew, Hal doesn't seem to need to ingest any bodily 

Now the werewolf blood thing - well, I guess it would be 
awful hard to extract blood from a werewolf (for the express 
purpose of killing vampires).  For one thing, you can only 
harvest once every full moon and werewolves are just plain 
frickin' mean and onery until they transition back to human.  
If you kill 'em they would probably transition back to human, 
and, if you knocked 'em down with a tranquilizer gun they
would probably transition before you could "milk" 

Still, werewolf blood kills vampires.  Who knew? (Or did 
werewolves overcome and nobody told me?)


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